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Inbound Marketing

Get the tried-and-true techniques and strategies we’re using to grow FS Studio and our clients today.

2020 Inbound Marketing +FREE Sample Strategy

Discover a proven plan for increased traffic, conversions & revenue, and the tools to get you there within a couple weeks.
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Your 2020 Inbound Marketing Process Made Easy

10 Simple Steps to Getting Started in 90 Days! Businesses are 3x more likely to see a higher ROI from inbound marketing than outbound!
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What is SEO, and how do you pick the right partner? (2020 Update)

Get access to our free guide to understand the main challenges with modern SEO and how to pick the perfect partner.
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Branding & Brand Awareness

Ultimates guides to nail your brand.

The Ultimate Guide to Brand Awareness

Get access to our free guide to understand the main challenges with brand awareness.
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Conversion Rate Optimization

Check out the techniques and strategies we’re using to grow Flying Saucer, available below.

Facebook Value Proposition Swipe File (2019 Update)

Get access to our favorite ad examples, marketing angles, and more.
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Want To See The Framework We Used to Increase Our Traffic by 290.67% in 3 Weeks?

Our content relaunch template can start getting you more organic traffic today.
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Optimize Your Exit-Intent Popups With These 9 Swipe-Worthy Templates

Boring copy is useless. Use our swipe-ready templates to spruce up your exit-intent copy in minutes.
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13 Thank You Pages That Are Proven to Convert (+3 Bonus Examples)

Use these 13 highly-effective thank you pages to optimize your own (#3 is our favorite).
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100+ CRO Ideas You Need to Steal (2019 Update)

Use our free CRO toolkit and watch your organic traffic and on-page conversion rates skyrocket.
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22 Mistakes Everyone Makes With Their Landing Pages

Check them out and see how you can avoid those mistakes.
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The Anatomy of a Successful Facebook Ad (PLUS: 3 Free Tools)

Creating a successful Facebook ad can be tricky – especially if you’re just getting started and haven’t had much experience on the platform.
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How much do new customers cost YOU?

We’ve made it easy to find out. Click below, to get a free calculator that you can use to calculate your own customer acquisition cost.
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Email Marketing

Looking for good e-commerce email examples? Look no further than our curated resources below:

Use These 115 E-Commerce Subject Lines to Boost Your Open Rate

Looking for good e-commerce email subject lines? Then this resource is for you.
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100+ List Building Ideas You Need to Steal

Get access to our free list building toolkit and boost your email list today.
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The 41 Best E-Commerce Emails We've Ever Seen (2019 Update)

Get access to our swipe file of high-converting e-commerce emails. (#5 is our favorite.)
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Abandoned Cart Email Swipe File (2019 Update)

Tackle cart abandonment head-on with these email templates to reactivate your customers.
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9 Killer Customer Testimonial Emails You Need to Steal

You know testimonial emails are important. But do you know how to write effective ones?
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12 Amazing Live Chat Follow-Up Emails (2019 Update)

If you’re looking to write good follow up emails after chatting with customers online, then this resource is for you.
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Growth Marketing

Learn how the biggest and brightest brands are growing their business today (and how you can, too):

MeUndies's Marketing Toolkit (+ Bonus Resources)

MeUndies’s best marketing materials, including Facebook ads, email campaigns and more.
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Beardbrand's Marketing Toolkit (+ Bonus Resources)

Beardbrand’s best marketing materials, including two bonus strategies (#2 is brand-new).
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Flying Saucer's Competitor Analysis Framework

Download our in-house competitor analysis framework and increase your visibility online today.
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Harry's Marketing Toolkit (+ Bonus Resources)

Learn how Harry’s raised $200 million to build its shaving empire (inc. bonus strategies).
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Casper’s $750+ Million Marketing Toolkit

Get access to Casper’s Marketing toolkit and get more traffic and higher engagement today.
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50 Facebook Lead Ad Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Looking for good Facebook lead ad examples? Look no further. We've got you covered.
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100+ Growth Ideas You Need to Steal (2019 Update)

Download our free growth marketing toolkit and watch your website traffic skyrocket.
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Whether you’re looking to get more subscribers or run an efficient marketing department, we've got you covered.

Flying Saucer’s Marketing-In-A-Drive (Checklists, Templates, and More)

Get access to our most important marketing checklists, templates and more.
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Flying Saucer's OKR and Batman & Robin Templates

Ever unsure who’s responsible for what? This resource will solve that issue once and for all.
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How to Implement Agile Marketing [Video]

Yes, you can use scrum in a marketing department. And with Favro, it’s never been easier.
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